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Some companies are dishonest Was a Big Mistake is now just an unpleasant memory for me. If you ever have need of an autoresponder service, I hope you will NEVER, EVER repeat the mistake I made, which was to use this lousy company. They are an inefficient and substandard company, and their response to legitimate customer complaints is to damage those customers by terminating their accounts without warning. When they do this, they render all your links inoperative, steal your customer lists, and put false information in previously linked material.

Avoid a Scam Company,

You will be wise to avoid a company that essentially steals from you and then adds to the damage if you complain. You will be wasting your money if you use

My Experience with Trafficwave

My experience with is probably typical.  I created a website that, among other things, promoted my books. There was no nudity on my site and very little adult language. People could sign up to be advised of when we created new materials. They would sign up, and when new information was created, we sent them an email saying that the newsletter was on site. The newsletter was available only to people who signed up, contained no nudity and little objectionable language, and was not sent or quoted in the email we sent.

I dispatched an email. TWELVE HOURS LATER it still had not been delivered to some if not all recipients. I dispatched another one, and that one did not get delivered for eighteen hours. So’s service is more like snailmail than email, and of course it is impossible to run a business using such a service. I complained and asked what the problem was.’s response to my complaint: to terminate my service and to rip off my month’s payment, all my email addresses and my data bases.

If you operate a business that uses email autoresponders, you probably won’t want to use this company. Unprofessional. Inadequate. Waste of money. If you like to work with rip-off scam artists, on the other hand, I think I could point you in a helpful direction.